Disney Deathwatch-The Christmas Edition

Disney Deathwatch-The Christmas Edition

I had ignored some of the things that were going on at Disney World because there is so much bad to cover, I really can’t keep track of it all anymore.

Bob Cheapek is destroying such vast tracks of Disney heritage and doing it so casually, you’d think he wouldn’t be surprised when the pixie-dusters get after him. Yet, he honestly seems to be shocked when he gets booed at public events. Or else he’s just a wuss about it. I’m beginning to think it’s the latter. 

He ducked out on D-23 this year despite the fact that the CEO always attends. He suddenly had a scheduling conflict. At the last public event, he attended he got catcalls and he apparently was very upset about this. The problem with Chapek is simple enough, he’s thin-skinned and can’t build anything. Whenever he opens his mouth you are hearing the voice of every new graduate of CFO school that has ever lived. Disney CEO is a job that requires a showman and that is the truth of it. And Chapek reminds me of the energy vampire from What We Do In the Shadows.  That is the level of charisma he brings to the job.

The funny part is how he is allegedly trying to combat this image problem.  The rumor is that he likes to use press leaks for PR.  There was no real evidence of this until recently.  On Doomcock’s latest video, he claims that Kevin Feige wanted to kill off the Avengers to make room for his Woke heroes, (which is probably true) but the Russo Brothers threatened to walk if did that (also likely).  And that Bob Chapek supported them (which is utter bullshit).  Chapek was running Parks and Experiences back then, he had nothing at all to do with the movie side of Disney.  If he had tried to do that, Feige would have told him, get fucked and Iger would have ordered him mind his own damn division.  Think about that, Chapek is using Doomcock to try and spin good PR.

Anyway, thanks to his budget cuts rioting has become a regular occurrence at Disney World.  There have been three this year.  Mostly, it came down to bad crowd control at various events.  I will say that again, there was bad crowd control at Disney World.  In 2019 there was no company on Earth better at handling the flow of people than WDW, but thanks to Chapek’s layoffs, the people who knew how to do that are gone.

Then there is the bad joke that is the Genie app.  The roll out of this app was delayed for two years and on launch day this is what it looked like:

That’s right. It had Lorem Ipsum place holder text on every page.  It wasn’t finished after two years of delays because of Covid.  And that is the least of its problems.  My favorite was when it refused to give refunds for Rise of the Resistance Lightening Lane when the ride broke.  And that was a problem that was completely predictable.  The ride wasn’t ready for prime time before Covid and it’s not in any better shape now.

Oh, and we have a new trailer for the Star Wars Parents Jail known as the starship Halcyon.  


I think the Imagineers got ahold of the wrong franchise when they designed this. 

I can’t be the only one who was looking at that bridge and wondering, “where is Twiki?”

No, seriously compare the tentacle-head lounge singer’s number to this.

Biggest difference is that Princess Ardala’s costume was better.  How did Star Wars come to this?  The Halcyon is sold out allegedly for “years in advance” and maybe it is.  But when word gets around, I expect the cancelations to come hot and heavy.

Okay, i’m done here.

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