Eternals Has a Record Low Rotten Tomatoes Score

Eternals Has a Record Low Rotten Tomatoes Score

As of this writing, it’s at 63% fresh and it has been trending downward.

If it goes just four points lower it will be officially Rotten.

Is Disney out of “promotional” money? Because even the career shill sites like freaking I09 are giving it bad reviews. They have to mobilize their troops soon or risk prelaunch embarrassment.

The question this is raising for me is, has Fiege lost control of the promotional budget?

I was taking it for granted that this one would have a big first-week release due to “fortified box office” returns (ie Marvel buying up big blocks of seats like it did for Shang-Chi and Captain Marvel). That doesn’t cost Marvel too much because 90% of the first-week box office revenue goes right back to Marvel. It does screw the theaters pretty badly because there is no one to buy popcorn if the purchased seats are empty.

But if Fiege has lost control of the promotional budget then he is now well and truly under Bob Chapek’s yoke.

Okay, I’m done here.

UPDATE: Now it’s 61%

2ND UPDATE: OCT 30, 60%, And I’m smelling corporate sabotage. I suspect Chapek does have control of the promotional budget.

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