Thor Love and Thunder Has a Trailer

Thor Love and Thunder Has a Trailer

Are you ready for some derivative characters?!

If you are watching a Marvel property you better be. Thor Love and Thunder had a teaser trailer drop. 

Here it is.

Look at it.


That. Was. Awful.

The kindest words I’ve heard about it from Woke Marvel’s biggest fans are, “I don’t hate it.”  I can’t say I do either but there is nothing there I want to watch.

The thrust of the story is that Thor is trying to find himself.  Forgive me for stating the obvious but he’s been trying to do that for seven fucking movies.  An eternal quest for the ultimate navel gaze is not a character arch.  No one is interested in Thor trying to find out who Thor is because Kevin Feige has completely ruined the character.  There is no longer anyone there worth finding.  Thor was always supposed to be a hero, but Hemsworth’s iteration is too lacking in fortitude to qualify as a champion of anything. And there is nothing heroic about solipsism. 

It looks like Thor leaves the Guardians of the Galaxy in the first ten minutes. Which was the only part that might have interested me.  He does stuff for a while that looks boring in a trailer so I can’t imagine how anyone will take an interest when its on screen.

Then he’s being stunned and amazed by the stunning and amazing Jane Foster who is now the real Thor and is much better at it than he ever was.

And if she can figure out that this is what she should be doing with her life in one movie, then she is.

But no one is going to want to watch her either because she is a very minor derivative character that never had any kind of popular following at any time in the entire history of comics.  Plus, she is being played by an actress who isn’t good at her job, was never popular at all and… Just. Turned. Forty.

Natalie Portman’s Hollywood palm crystal has gone from blinking red to black.  This was a terrible choice if you are starting a new franchise or more likely a new streaming series. 

Most of Marvel’s success was a combination of good characters from the comics combined with Feige’s production team.  The action scenes aren’t filmed by the credited director it’s by a specialized unit that works on every Marvel film.  Problem, nobody likes the new characters because they are boring derivatives and it’s the same action scene every time in every movie.  Audiences have gotten used to them.  Which means they are getting bored with them.

Twenty years ago, the X-Men franchise was the hottest thing out there but then it faded away because no matter how hot the superhero franchise is, it’s only got ten years before it’s played out. Kevin Feige’s Marvel is now in that position. 


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