The Wonderful World of Arkhaven

The Wonderful World of Arkhaven

It’s funny how words change their meaning with time.

When I was in college, there was a road trip I took with some friends. Because when you are in college, getting drunk where you are at isn’t good enough.  You need to go someplace else to get really hammered.  I suppose it makes sense from the standpoint of “don’t shit in your own yard.”  And drunken college students are given to public displays of every excretory bodily function possible, so it makes sense to do that someplace where they don’t know how to get in touch with your father.

 I remember we were driving through a town in Missouri called, Peculiar.  My friends were all laughing at the name and making jokes about it.  I didn’t want to ruin their fun, so I kept quiet as my mind silently reeled in horror at what scenes had to have been taking place on this town’s very lovely, and picturesque river port a hundred and fifty years ago.  

Peculiar; derived from the Latin word peculium;* meaning property in cattle.  Except this town wouldn’t have been trading in the four-legged kind of cattle.*

Another word that has changed its meaning over the past hundred and fifty years is “Wonderful.” Today it’s defined as: “Surprisingly excellent; very good or admirable, extremely impressive.”  And indeed, Arkhaven comics are all of those things. But the older definition of Wonderful, the one Lewis Carrol meant was: Frighteningly mysterious, foreboding and chilling. And Arkhaven has those stories too.

Words drift off their original meaning in time but never quite let go of the original definition.

Now, we at Arkhaven are redefining what the words “comic book” will mean.

“Comic books,” originally meant a collection of newspaper “funnies.” If you want that; there’s an Arkhaven Comic Book for you.

Then the meaning of Comics changed to; an inspiring fictional hero having extraordinary powers, intended for a young male readership.  And if you want that; there’s an Arkhaven comic for you.

Prefer more grown-up superheroes?  There’s an Arkhaven comic for you.

If you want a tough as nails Military Fantasy; there’s an Arkhaven comic for you.

If you want classic stories from the Silver Age; there’s an Arkhaven comic for you.

If you want drama; there’s an Arkhaven comic for you.

If you want Dark Fantasy; there’s an Arkhaven comic for you.

Are you a Q-Tip? We’ve got you covered.

Classic comedy?  Christian Young Adult Fantasy?  Science Fiction?  No problem.

Can we deliver the best comic book since Watchmen?  Challenge accepted.

We are in the fascinating process of finding our voice here at Arkhaven. But on this journey, we accomplishing something that no comic book publisher has tried to do in thirty years.  Future proof comic books.  We are doing something more important than being a publishing house for comics.  We are breathing life back into one of the few forms of art that are wholly American in origin.

Welcome to Arkhaven.

*Yes, I’m aware of the other derivations.  Congratulations on being the smartest boy in class.  It’s why you got wedgies all through high school.  Don’t ruin my story in the comments, smartass.

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Comments (3)

  • Star Tripper Reply

    I have enjoyed Arktoons and have been posting about it in various comment sections on YouTube. I wondered why most anti-SJW, Fandom Menace type channels were ignoring it. Then I stumbled across Jon Del Arroz’s channel and his crossing swords with Geeks&Gamers and others. Oh, it is that simple. Oh well, will continue on planting seeds.

    May 7, 2021 at 5:40 pm
    • Bonesaw Reply

      By not commenting on Arkhaven and Arktoons all those commentators like Geeks and Gamers prove they were never interested in supporting true competitors to the old SJW infested media.

      After all, if Arktoons replaces Marvel and DC (or, more rightly – when, not if) what will people like that have to bleat about?
      They’ll have to jump over the other side of the fence and claim there’s not enough diversity and complain about us all being fascists.
      They’re incapable of creating new content, or even supporting those who do.
      They’re limpits, or, more appropriately, Leeches that survive by gripping onto the very organisms they attack then sucking from them.

      What would Geeks and Gamers do if all the SJW companies were replaced?
      They’d become even more irrelevant than they already are.

      I used to enjoy watching videos by the various members of the commentary community like them when the second modern shitty Star Wars movie was released.
      Now I watch none of them, as they’re frauds.

      I think it was Jon Del Arroz who pointed out how they all attack Star Wars, then get giddy with delight that they’ve bought opening day tickets for those movies.

      Screw them.

      Give me Arkhaven any day of the week.

      May 8, 2021 at 4:54 am
  • Codex Reply

    I hope I can convince my husband to give submitting to Arktoons one a shot. After all, we have the Christian Vegetable Farm niche covered!

    May 10, 2021 at 2:17 am

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