New Star Wars Book Features “The Rock”

New Star Wars Book Features “The Rock”

Apparently the “High Republic,” was referring to the writing process.

They are doing the good shit at LucasFilm.

Claudia Grey is the author who ended the big Zoom marketing push with a Vulcan salute. Which possibly explains where she came up with her brilliant edition to the High Republic; “Geode, the rock.”

For once I am actually quite curious as to what rock’s prefferred pronouns are.

This new character is literally a rock.

Here is a situation where pictures are worth a thousand words:

(*UPDATE: in abject humiliation, Lucasfilm pulled the video, so I’m turning this over to Midnight’s Edge for a moment.*)

I can’t fathom the approval process here.

The navigator is rock. I loved the tableau with the rock striking a heroic pose with the rest of its intrepid nekama in their action poses.

I mean, the vessel is named; “The Vessel.” I’m sure that Claudia Grey thought that this was vastly more clever than naming the ship, “The Ship,” but I’m not seeing it. Ah well, I’ve long since resigned myself to never being a New York Times best-selling author. Some leaps of ingenuity are just beyond me. I’ll never get through the glass ceiling that keeps me from the kind of burst of creativity that would come up with the good ship Vessel and its stalwart navigator rock.

Yeah, sure this is the same outfit that gave us The Last Jedi but you would think some kind of review process would have been instituted afterward. Clearly, it wasn’t.

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong and I freely admit it. I am on the record as stating, “there is no way in hell Star Wars the High Republic could ever qualify as entertainment.” I was so, so wrong. I haven’t laughed this much in years.

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