Top 5 DC Characters For Arkhaven To License!

Top 5 DC Characters For Arkhaven To License!

If DC does shut its doors and start licensing out characters, Arkhaven has a real opportunity as one of the only major competitors out there to potentially license some of these classic characters.  There’s a lot of great ones to choose from, but I’ll give a top 5 and try my hardest not just to list characters created by Steve Ditko, as tempting as it would be to do a Watchmen with Charlton heroes only not a cynical parody, actually being true to the characters and their morals.

Spoiler – A lot of people would probably pick Bane by The Legend Chuck Dixon first, but Spoiler’s always been one of my favorite characters. With a tragic background, she hung around Robin and was told multiple times to buzz off, but she came back to fight for good regardless of everyone telling her no. She was a major inspiration for Meta-Girl in Flying Sparks and it’d be great to be able to produce comics with this character.

Hawkman – One of DC’s only openly conservative characters, he gets portrayed as cartoonish more often than not. But there’s cool science fiction background to the character too which leaves a lot of room to explore.

Kamandi -an oft forgotten and underutilized character, this is a creation of Jack Kirby’s which really redefined jungle comics into something unique and cool. Kamandi might be a sleeper where people wouldn’t usually put him on their lists for bidding, which makes him perfect for Arkhaven to mold into something awesome.

Plastic Man – Plastic man in the original days used to be a very innovative character with strange adventures. This character gives writers an opportunity to really stretch creative muscles and make cool, unique stories.  

The Question – One of the most unique superheroes out there, The Question is the precursor to Mr. A, Steve Ditko’s major objectivist creation.  Only Arkhaven would be able to do this character justice, with philosophical writers who understand The Question’s morals.

Arkhaven of course has a lot of its own wonderful characters, but it is fun to posit what could be, isn’t it?

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