The Last Doctor Who Holiday Special

The Last Doctor Who Holiday Special

In case you are wondering why it’s no longer the Christmas Special, that’s because Christmas Day is too valuable of a time slot to waste on Doctor Who.

There is a horrifying rumor running around that the show is going to get a couple of more seasons. I suspected that this was a possibility when the desperately flailing HBOmax bought up the rights after Netflix and then Amazon prime dropped the series.

The funding had to come from somewhere. The BBC is facing a flood of cancelations of the British TV license fees. A total of 894,340 TV licenses in force were canceled in the 2018/19 financial year. This year the Beeb appears to be dragging its feet on processing the current crop of cancellations so exact numbers for this year aren’t in stone yet but there is no reason to think they aren’t worse.

And admitting the completely obvious, that Woke Doctor Who is an abject failure…isn’t possible. I suppose because it’s the worst of the Woke fails. The rest of the franchises that have gone Woke haven’t really gone broke. They’ve lost a lot of viewers, sure but the SJWs who backed the unwanted changes can point to a silver lining here and there. That’s not an option with Doctor Who because Chibnall has delivered a complete catastrophe.

While there will likely be a couple more unwatched seasons with Jodie Whitaker (or some other actress) delivering ultra cringe love sonnets to her Pakistani girlfriend, there won’t be anymore Holiday Specials.

Even New Year’s Eve will be too high profile to waste on Doctor Who.

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