Bob Iger to be the Next Ambassador to China!?!?!

Bob Iger to be the Next Ambassador to China!?!?!

I realize this is old fashioned of me, but shouldn’t an ambassador represent the interests of the country that is sending him to the host country?  And not the other way around?

Silly of me I know.  

There is no way in hell the Middle-Kingdom would tolerate such impudence from a bought and paid for vassal. Just to be clear I’m referring to Joe Biden here. Bob Iger is more of a political catamite so far as the People of the Han are concerned.  

And the rumor is that he will be the Ambassador to China, which would indeed be the premier posting if Biden’s treason were to prove fruitful. 

I remember the panic that swept through Disney’s corporate offices in July, when they realized that Trump Administration had a very good idea as to how deeply China had embedded itself within Disney:

The Trump administration has dropped the hammer on the Walt Disney company. First, there was an executive order in regard to Hong Kong which can absolutely affect Disney employees and Disney company plans. Attorneys for the company are currently reading through the executive order and seeking guidance from the Trump administration as to how the company can avoid seizure of assets properties due to potentially aiding in the harming of Hong Kong citizens Democratic rights via indirect means because of the broad and non specific language in the executive order, Hong Kong Disney may stay closed indefinitely, regardless of the COVID situation there. Furthermore, in a speech on July 16th, Attorney General Barr made headlines with a speech in which he disclosed the number of Chinese Communist party officials working in Shanghai Disney management, including a number who have communist Insignia on their desks.

This sent a ripple through the Disney company as they realized that US intelligence has inside information about their Shanghai operations, and are confident enough to release that information. This puts the company in an exceedingly difficult place: stray from China’s demands and everything can be taken like in the NBA situation . Act in China’s interests and the US Justice Department may now come calling. Numbers inside the company now project that cash revenues could hit as low as 6 billion by the end of September, with the possibility of this pandemic situation going into mid 2021 this is an unsustainable path.

I for one, am completely in favor of the idea of Bob Iger being the next Ambassador to China, regardless of who the president is by February.  

After seeing the legendary train wreck he turned Disney Entertainment into, I know in my heart he can do the same thing for China.

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