Marvel Comics Begins to Feel the Pinch

Marvel Comics Begins to Feel the Pinch

The long expected mass executions at Marvel Comics appear to finally be getting underway.

From Bleeding Cool so please don’t click on the link.

“... this includes John Nee, the publisher of Marvel Comics who, amongst other things, brought League Of Legends and Warhammer to the comic book publisher, as reported by Comic Book. He had been placed on furlough, and it appears that all the affected staff had been previously furloughed as well. Formerly, John Nee had set up Cryptozoic Entertainment, had been a VP at DC Comics and Earner Bros, and CEO of Wildstorm when DC Comics purchased it.

The other name out there is Judy Stephens, a producer who worked on a variety of projects at the publisher. This included being producer and host of the Women Of Marvel podcast and well as the series Marvel Make Me a Hero, Marvel Becoming, Marvel Quickdraw, This Week in Marvel, The Pull List, and more. Judy posted earlier today, “Marvel, and I said goodbye today. I’m working through my emotions as I mourn my career over the last 14 years.”

Disney’s horrifying 4th quarter earnings call is just around the corner. They have to show cuts in very single department.

While I’m sorry that some of the biggest cuts will be in Imagineering, I can’t even come close to shedding a tear for the cultural vandals at Marvel.

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  • Bonesaw Reply

    I do wonder if Marvel Comics will even be making much new content in 1 years if they don’t sort themselves out.
    I can see them just reprinting stories fans actually want to read, licensing their characters out for others to use, and maybe occasionally creating a graphic novel of new content to test the waters, content that (due to being both stunning and brave, and pitched to an imagined audience that doesn’t actually buy comics) will fail abysmally when compared to the reprints.

    November 9, 2020 at 5:31 am

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