Wile E Coyote Makes It Back to the Cliff

Wile E Coyote Makes It Back to the Cliff

Coyote Vs. ACME has been released from the Iron Chamber of Tax Writeoffs. The producers have been cleared to shop the movie around.

There were a bunch of questions about why this one had been killed. The audience testing was in the 90% approval territory. The plot was that Wile was suing Acme over a history of consistent and prolonged product failures that frequently injured him severely.

There is now enough controversy going for it that there appears to be quite a bit of second-party interest now, whom Warner Brothers will be happy to accept money from.

“Coyote vs. Acme is a great movie,” tweeted writer-director BenDavid Grabinski, who worked with Green on Happily. “The best of its kind since [Who Framed] Roger Rabbit … The leads are super likable. It’s beautifully shot. The animation is great. The ending makes everyone fucking cry. I thought the goal of this business was to make hit movies?”

This strategy is going to start biting Warner Brothers in the ass. Yes, saving costs on marketing and distribution and taking the write-down can make a quarterly earnings report look good. However, short-term gain, and long-term loss. If I was the hot new creative in town I would be thinking long and hard before I accepted an offer from Warner Brothers on my newest passion project.

For now, Wile lives to chase Road Runner another day.

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