Who’s Suing Disney Now?

Who’s Suing Disney Now?

The answer to that is the money men.

TSG is a company that finances movies. And your immediate reaction is, they get what they deserve for doing business with Disney.

In theory, I agree but in practice, TSG wasn’t doing business with Disney when they signed their contracts, they were doing business with Fox, which while evil in its own right was nowhere near the 9th level of hell where the Devil Mouse sits on on his throne.

I’m going to have over simplify this quite a lot but hang with me. TSG lost out on a lot of money due to a lack of theatrical releases in the pandemic. Still, studios try to keep the moneymen happy so they set up some kind of payment schedule. But Disney was playing a lot of accounting tricks. They would count the VOD streaming sale of a movie to Disney + as being part of the movie’s overall revenue.

Remember the Benny Hill sketch where Benny would move a five-pound note from his left pocket to his right and claim he now has ten pounds? That’s what Disney was doing with Disney+.

Guys like TSG are not stupid, they’ve been doing this for a while and honestly, I’ve always had my doubts bout guys who would willingly do business with an industry with the accounting practices of the American movie studios. Would you be surprised to discover movie financiers had their own spinning plates in the air? The large amounts of money flowing in and out are what makes this system work.

The strikes have stopped or at least staunched the flow of financial blood. Disney and the rest of the studios want to break the unions so they don’t mind grinding their industry to a halt for a couple of years.

The money men mind.

A hell of a lot in fact. TSG declaring Disney is $40 million behind, just after Disney claimed in their earnings call to be making boatloads of money, and filing a lawsuit to prove they mean it is a shot across the bow of the entire industry. The money men want the strike settled.

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