John Romita Sr. 1930-2023

John Romita Sr. 1930-2023

I should have covered this last week but I had a lot of personal issues got in the way.

John Romita Sr was a legendary Marvel artist. He’s up there with Adams and Kirby. He made his biggest mark on Spiderman and the funny he didn’t really want the job. He was assigned to the web-slinger when Ditko walked away from the project. He figured it was a temporary gig and grimly set about churning out Ditko pastiche until Steve’s presumed return to the project. After the better part of a year, Romita finally came to the conclusion that Ditko was indeed never returning to Peter Parker and that he was free to put his own stamp on it.

And a legend was born.

The Rageholic did a much better tribute on this than I could do. So here it is.

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