Bob Iger to Return to Disney?

Bob Iger to Return to Disney?

The answer to that question is; no.

Or rather; NO.

None the less CNBC ran with this ridiculous drivel.

It hasn’t even been two years since Bob Chapek took over as Disney’s CEO. But one executive told CNBC there are already internal wagers at Disney about Iger returning.

Iger, 70, repeatedly extended his contract after planning to retire in 2015, 2015, and 2018,  before abruptly stepping down in 2020. He’s still Disney’s executive chairman until the end of the year.

It’s unclear if Iger wants to return. He’s already working on a second book, according to The Hollywood Reporter, after publishing one in 2019.

But Disney shares have stumbled this year, down nearly 20% year to date. Iger owns a lot of those shares.  The board and Iger may get restless if Disney+ growth stagnates and the company continues to have turg tensions between executives.  

I’m sure there are internal wagers at Disney about Iger returning because there is always someone willing to hook a sucker on a chump’s bet.  

However, I am more than certain that the Disney executives making those bets are working at either Marvel or Pixar.  They may even believe that Iger willingly stepped down without any kind of prior notice whatsoever in 2020.  The fact that he looked like he’d just been shot in the chest when he made the announcement of the Chapek’s sudden elevation was entirely due to his being worried about Covid before anyone else. And only for that day.

Bob Iger is not coming back because he was FIRED.  Oh, he was fired in the nicest way possible, but he had control of Disney violently ripped away from him in February of 2020.  He had no say in Chapek’s promotion. And he was informed by the BOD that as of Jan 1, 2022 somebody new was going to be the Chairman of the Board.

It’s true that share prices have fallen this year, which is hardly a shock because they were ludicrously overinflated, to begin with.  The devasting tumble that Disney took in the last 12 months has now put their stock price (let me check here, yeah, I thought so) exactly where it was before COVID hit, back when the parks and movie revenues were much stronger than they are now. 

I’m sure Iger wants to return to Disney because his Olympian ego was badly bruised when he was shown the door.  If he was ever going to get his old office back, it was last year when the board panicked and made Iger Senior Co-CEO of Disney.  If he had had any kind of big win, then yes, he would have tried to muscle Chapek out.   Any second thoughts the BOD had about axing him were banished when the NBA deal blew a ton of money and then Iger started talking about buying another studio.

I am quite certain that Bob Iger is trying to raise his profile for some post-Disney activity.  Most likely a presidential run.  There is no getting around it, given what the rest of the potential Democrat slate of candidates looks like, he’s one of the more plausible choices available.  The big question is, how thick is his skin.  Movie executives don’t typically have to cope with people telling them to their faces what they actually think of them.

The illusion of genius has been broken for the institutional investors.

I can’t say it will never happen but it will never happen.


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Comments (13)

  • Wazdaka Reply

    President Iger?
    Sounds like the marines in Born to kill may have been right about Mickey.

    December 22, 2021 at 5:30 am
  • Progressive Music Lover Reply

    If this fool decides to enter the democrat primary then it will be obvious he learned nothing from Bloomberg’s disastrous run. The last person anyone, even the democrats, would vote for is a white, obscenely wealthy, elitist, with no relatability to anyone outside of his social class. Let’s not forget that he is also a dullard and will not have one single original idea to campaign on.

    December 22, 2021 at 2:30 pm
  • Chief_Tuscaloosa Reply

    Yes, the NBA deal was stupid, and buying another studio to increase the Devil Mouse corporation’s debt load would also be dumb. So not Iger.

    But how long can Chapek hold on? He’s ultimately responsible for turning legions of Star Wars fans into non-paying customers, since he let it happen. The Halcyon Prison Ship disaster is dying on the vine. Marvelverse is winding down/dead already.

    So after Chapek, who? And how much more damage can be done? I ask this as a non-stockholding interested party, as in I’m interested in seeing DIS=$0.

    December 22, 2021 at 3:57 pm
    • The Dark Herald Reply

      If Chapek gets the boot in the short team the leading contender is Josh D’Amaro.

      However, so long as the parks are making money, the institutional investors will have to give Chapek more time. They don’t want to look like a bunch of colonels in a banana republic.

      The movie guys at Disney hate Chapek but they are losing a lot at the box office right now, so the Big Money doesn’t really give a fuck about their opinions. At the moment, Chapek has a scapegoat in Kevin Feige. This next year is make or break for Kevin. I suspect Chapek would be happy to keep Feige around if (a) he was making money and (b prime) he wasn’t constantly plotting treason.

      Feige’s D+ series have failed. His last two out of three movies lost money and Shang Chi was only a borderline money maker. If he doesn’t have a better year in 2022 Chapek will have to get rid of him.

      And the only buzz over Marvel’s 2022 slate is Doctor Strange and the first one only made $680 million. Woke Thor and Boseman-free Black Panther smell like bombs to me.

      Chapek will be given time to turn things around, UNLESS Disney + collapses. If that happens, then the headsman will be summoned.

      December 22, 2021 at 10:18 pm
      • EXALT Reply

        “Feige’s D+ series have failed.”
        Notably, despite five new MCU shows being slated to debut in 2022, there’s still no official airdate for any of them.
        “Shang Chi was only a borderline money maker.”
        Despite this, a sequel has been confirmed to be in development – I guess in just about the same way New Gods was in development.
        “And the only buzz over Marvel’s 2022 slate is Doctor Strange”
        LOOK AT IT!!!

        December 22, 2021 at 10:58 pm
  • Chris Lopes Reply

    “Marvelverse is winding down/dead already.”

    While I have no love for the Mouse Lord, the Marvelverse just got a shot of adrenaline from No Way Home. While it’s a joint venture between Marvel (Disney) and Sony, it takes place in the MCU and (spoiler alert……………..) ties together all the Spidey movies. Like it or not, it’s making a shit ton of money and proving you can attract a post COVID audience with the right movie.

    December 22, 2021 at 7:33 pm
    • EXALT Reply

      NWH was a sign of weakness, not strenght: they had to bank on nostalgia and bring back half a dozen actors from previous iterations of the franchise to make a successful movie, and in the process they, for all intents and purposes, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER, removed the canon they had built for Spider-Man in the MCU these last few years with an even bigger soft reboot than the one Thor got.
      Nothing of this is a viable continuous strategy.

      December 22, 2021 at 8:50 pm
      • Chris Lopes Reply

        I am forced to agree with you. I forgot what they did to the previous MCU canon involving Spidey. It did indeed get (spoiler alert yet again!……………………) Kelvin Timelined(tm).

        December 22, 2021 at 11:37 pm
    • The Dark Herald Reply

      75% of that money goes to Sony. I admit I haven’t seen it yet but everything I’ve heard says it’s a Spiderman movie and not an M-She-U flick.
      The contract between Sony and Disney is now expired. I’m not saying they won’t write a new one but Sony is now in a position to move on with Tom Holland on the basis of separation from Marvel.
      And given Marvel’s record for the past two years going their own way is the smarter move for Sony.

      December 23, 2021 at 12:44 am
      • EXALT Reply

        “75% of that money goes to Sony.”
        75%? That means Marvel has only gotten about half a billion dollars from the first two Holland movies, and even assuming No Way Home goes beyond the billion – which is possible – that amount would only go up to about 800 millions. It’s true that Sony has to share the expenses as well, but still and all, that doesn’t sound like a good deal.

        December 23, 2021 at 9:20 am
        • The Dark Herald Reply

          It was a complicated situation.
          (1) The Garfield Spiderman had seriously underperformed. Sony/Columbia clearly needed help. They were damaging the Spiderman IP.
          (2) At the time it looked like Sony was going to sell Columbia Pictures.
          That would have abrogated Columbia’s licence with Marvel and all Spiderman rights would have instantly reverted to Marvel/Disney.
          Consequently, it made sense for Marvel to help Sony because they would be protecting an intellectual property they thought they were going to be taking possesion of shortly.

          December 23, 2021 at 6:14 pm
  • Brick Hardslab Reply

    Disney plus Marvel and Star Wars went from a golden goose to a rotten egg in no time. How much ruin is left in it? If just following the course F&F had piloted was a guaranteed money maker can they get it back?

    Why did no heads roll when they killed the goose? I thought at some point someone would say enough but no one has. How long will F&F stick around with the sabotage?

    December 23, 2021 at 12:23 am
    • EXALT Reply

      F&F’s course is not a guaranteed money maker: it’s been a year since the last Mandalorian episode, and people are falling out of love with it, realizing that, beyond that patina of Baby Yoda, RoboLuke and “Hot damn, a live-action Star Wars that doesn’t hate its fans!” there is only reliable mediocrity. Notably:
      1)We still have little to no info about Mando Season 3, including a possible airdate.
      2)No one gives a damn that Boba Fett debuts in six days.
      3)The fact that Filoni’s waifu Ahsoka can garner a live-action audience is still all to prove.

      December 23, 2021 at 9:27 am

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