New Batman Animated Series Canceled

New Batman Animated Series Canceled

This was supposed to be the Batman animated show that we really wanted.  It was going to be roughly set in a 1940s-like world.  Sure, it had the prince of Darkness Jar Jar Abrams and his devoted acolyte Matt Reeves (The Batman AKA Sparkly Batman) as the executive producers.  BUT it had Bruce Timm… BRUCE TIMM!!! On board as showrunner.  Bruce Timm of the beloved Batman the Animated Series was making another Batman cartoon and this one is on HBOmax.  This is the guy who created Harley Quinn.  It’s going to be don’t miss superhero TV.

Sorry, my Darklings but I’ve got bad news for you.  Bruce Timm is not the guy he was thirty years ago. Not at all.  Bruce Timm is sixty-one years old.  Your talent doesn’t necessarily fly away at that age, hell one of the best artists in the world didn’t pick up a brush for the first time until she was seventy.  But if your writing talent was built on the energy of youth, then it is really easy to lose your fastball and start making pastiche versions of your salad days works.  See; Harlan Ellison.

On top of that problem, Bruce Timm was a Hollywood Boomer liberal trying to stay up to date with the fashions in progressive thought.  It isn’t instinctual for him, he’s more of a Twitter SJW trying to stay in the good graces of the piranha school he is swimming with, hoping against hope that they won’t eat him next.

Here was what he said at DC Fandome, when the show was announced.

Bruce Timm:  What we do with the characters is going to be a lot more modern in terms of inclusivity, Representation, and things like that.

Like I said, Bruce Timm is not the same guy he used to be.

What we were hoping for was absolutely not going to happen. Bruce Timm can’t make that kind of show in 2022.

It’s just as well that Zaslav the Impaler struck at this lame peasant child wandering alone in the woods. Draining the life from it and casting its corpse into a ditch. 

This is Batman Strange Days (2014) and it is what this show could have been but not with Bad Reboot anywhere near it.

Okay, I’m done here.

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