Warner Brothers Commits to Ezra Miller

Warner Brothers Commits to Ezra Miller

According to the Hollywood Reporter, (and they would never publish this without studio approval) reshooting the Flash movie with another actor is off the table.  It will either be launched or scrapped and that is it.  

At this point, it is now clear that this movie will be released next summer unless Ezra Miller is reliably accused of cannibalism. With photographs.  

I just found out that Miller has been doing reshoots for the Flash over the summer.  This absolutely means that David Zaslav is completely committed to Ezra Miller’s iteration of Flash.  Miller for his part is now apparently spending most of his time in his mother’s company and is supposedly getting counseling.  I have doubts about how much good this will do. 

There is now the question of who will appear on the promotional tour.  It will probably feature Ben Affleck but I don’t know who else will appear with him.  Because I don’t know if Michael Keaton will still have any part in the movie at all.

There is only one possible way for Miller to be part of the promotional tour.  If he “finds Jesus.”  That will mean he is rational enough to understand how pissed Zaslav is at him. Prayer, the last refuge of an actor.

Okay, I’m done here.

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