Webtoon Rumors-Conan The Barbarian

Webtoon Rumors-Conan The Barbarian

Intriguing if true.

Here is the part that isn’t a rumor.

Tencent or to be more accurate Conan Properties International Is recalling their license from Marvel Comics. 

My initial reaction was, that’s too bad it was the only and I do mean only Marvel or even mainstream comic I was still reading on the regular.

Now I’m sure a few of you were surprised that Marvel wasn’t trying to turn Conan gay or Trans or genderswapped or there was some barbarian lesbian that was better than him at everything, and he was just in constant awe of her.  I’m sure they would have loved to do all that, but Conan Properties has complete script approval.  Marvel doesn’t own the character, so they can’t do the things they really want to with him. They could only make a comic book that people wanted to read.

And now they are no longer publishing him.

That does raise the question of why did CPI do it?

That brings us to our first rumor.  The thing you have to remember about Conan Properties International is that they love their big, brawny Cimmerian. They are almost if not quite as protective of him and his world as Christopher Tolkien was of his father’s work.   Which is why I’m okay with (rumor alert) Netflix pushing ahead with their Conan series, CPI will have total script approval.  And CPI has recalled their license from Marvel because they want to push hard on all fronts with Conan in conjunction with that.  They think the time is right to make this move because the market is starving for non-Woke entertainment.

This is completely correct.

That brings us to the second rumor (which I am taking with a huge grain of salt and you should too because I can’t verify this one at all). I am only going with it because it makes sense.

The second rumor is that they are making a Conan webtoon.  I’ve got no names attached to this project so I am very suspicious. (Vox let me know If I should delete this post).

CPI is keenly aware that the only reason Conan isn’t a forgotten relic of the pulps was that the Robert Howard Estate was far-sighted enough to license the savage Cimmerian to Marvel Comics, basically for nothing, in the sixties.  What they got out of it was a revived brand that was introduced to two new generations.

Keep in mind, even if this is more than a rumor, the webtoon could easily die in development. 

Regardless, I’ll keep an eye on this.



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