Wanda and Multiverse of Madness First Impressions

Wanda and Multiverse of Madness First Impressions

I only watched this damn thing because I’ve been skipping too much pop culture of late and I was overdue to take one for the team.  And boy did I ever.

Assuming I can steal time to write this any time soon, it’s going to be a Recommends With Reservations. My version of the two-star review.  My criteria for Does Not Recommend is, that there is no reason to see this movie and truthfully there are actually a few reasons to see this one.  If you are a big Sam Raimi fan, then there are a few scenes here and there for you. If you like Bruce Campbell, he’s in it. The music is good.  Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch deliver excellent work. If you like Marvel action scenes, they are there.  If you are easily entertained by jingling keys or like to chase and jump on a laser pointer’s red dot, this is the film for you.

Sadly there is nothing here for Doctor Strange fans because as my title indicated this is not a Doctor Strange film.  It’s a sequel to WandVision.  A really badly written sequel to WandaVision.  When we last saw Wanda she was in some cabin in Russia playing with the big book of Evil and listening to the voices of her sons begging for help.

While I personally didn’t like WandaVision, I freely admit that was an intriguing opening of a second act.  Had Wanda put so much of herself into her boys that she had given them some form of existence independent of the bodies she had created for them?  If so, had they been captured by some agency that intended to destroy them for its own ends and they desperately needed their mother to save them?  Okay, that is a plot.

Except that is not the plot they went with.  Wanda is looking through various universes in the multiverse trying to find a world where her sons are real.  Then she is going to kill that universe’s Wanda and take the children for herself because she is too stupid to look for a universe where the boys and Vision are alive but she is dead.  Preferably dead but her body is missing and Vision and her children haven’t given up hope of finding her.

The storyline is about as good as you would expect from the writer of Loki.

Okay, I’m done for now.


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