Thor: Love and Thunder – First Look

Thor: Love and Thunder – First Look

The review embargo is now lifted and it doesn’t look too promising. Normally Disney requires that the access media toe the line on their AAA releases but at a freshness rating of 71% it doesn’t feel like anyone is getting their arms twisted over this one.

This also means that the reviewers aren’t happy about an insufficient Wokeness level. As they will reliably lie for something that is bellowing The Message.

There is also the problem of the film’s director, Taika Waititi, getting caught in a thrupple with his girlfriend and Tessa Thompson, with photographs. So far as Hollywood is concerned, you are supposed to keep that kind of shit under wraps. He is already talking about how his Star Wars movie isn’t going to happen.

Access media knows that Waititi is no longer a protected person and they are free to give honest opinions for a change.

The tea leaves I’m reading indicate that Thor: Love and Thunder is about as good as Thor Dark World. This means it probably is better than most of the garbage that Marvel has released in Phase IV so far but it is nowhere near as good as Marvel in its prime.

Here is an actual Norwegian’s take on the most Norse of Marvel’s heroes’ latest outing.

The Dark Herald Predicts: Thor 4 is going to do about as well as Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. It appears to be a better movie but audiences are noticeably less excited about it.

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