Drinker Watches the Teela Show for Us All

Drinker Watches the Teela Show for Us All

Which is good because I wasn’t taking that bullet for you guys.

Honestly, I don’t give a fuck about He-Man. There are basically two types of Gen-Xer. The Prince Gen-Xer and the Micheal Jackson Gen-Xer. It was an inter-generational thing depending on your age.* He-Man was for the Michael Jackson portion of the Real Greatest Generation.

I don’t have a dog in this fight which not to say I have no stake in it at all.

Everything is Year Zero to our enemies. They are rewriting and sweeping away everything that came before this year. So pushing back on every front is important. Otherwise you’re a National Review feeb “standing athwart the tide of history and yelling, ‘stop.'”

Buckley was beyond gay and so is the Teela Show.

Regardless, I understand why the Micheal Jackson Gen-Xers hate this abortion and it’s right that one of them drag it over a mile of carpet tacks and dip it in rubbing alcohol.

*There was also the Bruce Springsteen Gen-Xer but that was an incredibly sad thing that I’d rather not think about.

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