Brie Larson Cast as Mara Jade?

Brie Larson Cast as Mara Jade?

I’m calling this rumor, (which is absolutely rampant at moment) as bullshit.

It’s from We Got This Covered and they have a terrible track record for rumors that pan out.

They are big fangirls of Both Brie and Mara Jade. I got duped by them once when they reported that Karen Gillan was in talks to play Mara Jade a few months back. But as far as I can tell they have no inside track at Lucasfilm. This looks like fan fiction disguised as “rumors.”

Clownfish and The Quartering are leading with this and I expect Doomcock to be bellowing about it by close of business tonight.

I know someone is going to leave this in the comments before long, so I’m heading it off at the pass now.

Brie Larson is NOT going to be Mara Jade.

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