This Week’s Arktoons Round Now Live

This Week’s Arktoons Round Now Live

It’s at Bounding Into Comics. Read it there.

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  • Silent Draco Reply

    Great story shown, with some critical background tell. I remember some of those classic comic books. Done on cheap pulp paper for mass market, you got ink layers misplaced in the offset and also had colors bleed over time. Cheap paper wicks the inks out. It’s a tribute to artists like Alex Toth that their original linework and art was robust enough to withstand wear and tear and dirt/damage over time, to allow restoration.

    “Show Them How to Die” – good story. Huge difference between REMFs on one hand and NCOs reassigned for staff duty trying to get back to troops (or retired/separated instead) on the other. I learned much more from the second group, both their stories and observing how they operated with troops and civilians on staff. You also got the practical questions, to get researchers focused on how little weight, space, and attention span is left for the grunt in line.

    May 16, 2021 at 12:09 pm

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