Forbes Puts Bob Chapek on Blast

Forbes Puts Bob Chapek on Blast

This isn’t Variety. This isn’t The Hollywood Reporter. This is freaking Forbes.

“Disney’s Firing Of Gina Carano Is Confusing And Hypocritical – Lacking Sound Management”


Producers read The Hollywood Reporter. Board members read Forbes. It doesn’t matter when fans are angry. They mean nothing. It does matter when the money is mad and this article indicates that the major stockholders are furious.

I haven’t seen these kinds of headlines about Disney from major business publications since right before Michael Eisner fell.

Bob Chapek is officially in trouble. He’s been in trouble since day one but he is now facing the possibility of being dragged to the block. 

This is a public charge of corporate malfeasance. 

The firing of Carano proved to everybody and his uncle that Kathleen Kennedy wants to burn down The Mandalorian just to satisfy her own ego. This was the first Star Wars success since the Force Awakens was released and there is nothing in the pipeline that can replace it.

The stockholders and senior execs at Disney are pissed. The situation has clearly spiraled out of control. Nothing appears to be rational. 

Now there is Game of Thrones possibility here. Chapek isn’t mentioned by name in this article. It is just possible that he commissioned this piece. Kennedy has protection, she has been in the business since the mid-seventies, given the crowd she ran with, she has to know where all the bodies are buried. She is friends with everybody on the Hollywood cocktail party circuit. So long as the investors weren’t involved it didn’t matter how badly she was doing. Nobody at Fort Mickey would dare touch her. But if there is one thing Hollywood understands, it’s passing the buck. 

Everybody in Hollywood now knows that Chapek has been called out and has to act now. No one will blame him for that.

Expect negative articles in the financial papers next.


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