Doctor Who Cancelled?

Doctor Who Cancelled?

Normally there would be no need for the question mark.

By every possible metric Doctor Who has become a legendary failure.  The ratings are at an all-time low.  Fan relations couldn’t be more toxic.  There are no merchandise sales.  No foreign rights sales. And now the star has allegedly jumped ship. 

Why would any sane or competent person renew the show under these circumstances?

Please note my use of the words, “sane or competent.”

Regardless, there is now a rumor making the rounds saying it’s over for the good Doctor.  That the BBC will be putting it back on “hiatus.” The last time that happened, it didn’t come off hiatus for sixteen years.  

The source of the rumor is Nerdrotic, who does indeed appear to have a valid contact at the BBC.  He called the major plot points of The Timeless Child months before it was broadcast.  That episode inspired one last burst of hatred but now apathy has set in. 

“Do what you want with it Chinballs.  The breakup fight happened a long time ago.  We’ve long since walked away from this relationship because we just don’t care anymore.”

Which is a pity.  It used to be something special. 

But yes, “cancelation is on the table.”  That was the quote from Nerdrotic’s source.  And I think I know why.  It isn’t just the ratings.  If they cast another Doctor Who, it will have to be Diverse Woman of Color as the Doctor, the BBC can’t do business any other way at this point.  They just can’t.

And if they do cast a DWoC, then they are automatically committed to another three seasons of Doctor Who, no matter how bad the ratings get.  Even if there are only 12 people left watching it, they are committed, because they can’t cancel the most Woke version of Doctor Who ever.  It is impossible for them to do so and remain members in good standing with the Critical Race Cult.

I think I’ve worked out why Woke garbage is so bad.  Most people can only make three things, their major focus of effort for the day.  Yes, there are people that can attack twice as many things are there are hours in a day and not have their performance suffer.  But I’m talking about the average human.  Those three things get the lion’s share of attention.  If you can prioritize what really important and make those your three things your primary focus of effort, you are going to pull well ahead of most everyone else.

But if the focus is, Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality there is going to be very little left for the creative side of things for the average creative professional.  That individual will fail and his art, whether it’s the written word, or graphic design or a TV show about an immortal time traveler will look like the mediocre efforts of a high schooler.

Okay, I’m done here.

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