This Week’s Arktoons Roundup

This Week’s Arktoons Roundup

In honor of our newest artist Joe Bennet. This week’s BIC Arktoons Roundup spotlighted Brazil’s comic book culture.

The first Brazilian comic strip anthology magazine, O Tico-Tico began publication in 1905, twenty-eight years before Funnies on Parade hit the shelves.  O Tico-Tico would stay in print until 1977, which sadly beats out the vast majority of Brazilian comics.

Given the problems of distribution and severe competition from American and Japanese imports, Brazilian titles tend to have a short shelf life.  And that is only from market pressure.  Brazil’s native comic books have faced persecution from the Catholic Church, the Communist party, and the Brazilian government.

Yet through it all, their comic book artists’ intensely vibrant passion for their craft has kept Brazilian comics coming back from the dead each time.  Much like the first Arktoon on our list…

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