Disney Backs the Hollywood Swamp!

Disney Backs the Hollywood Swamp!

The Hollywood Swamp creatures are dancing in the street tonight. Disney has come through for them.

Mostly because Bob Chapek is an accountant with the soul of an accountant.  There isn’t the slightest gram of creativity in the man.

Disney made some major announcements at the investor’s meeting today.  

They are going to be making ten Star Wars series and ten Marvel series for Disney+.   Kathleen Kennedy is firmly in the saddle at Lucasfilm.  Star Wars is going to be very, very feminist from now on. One of the upcoming series is unsurprisingly the Asoka thing starring Rosario Dawson. The unwanted High Republic will be getting an animated series.  And the next Star Wars movie is going to be directed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

That being the real news here.  Unlike Warner Media, Disney is going to STAY in the movie business. 

Black Widow is being pushed back to 2022.  Which means Mickey the Great and Terrible has decided to gamble on the theaters being able to stay in business and that they will be able to go back to hauling in billion-dollar box office movies. 

Although some of their upcoming titles, (that I am willing to bet aren’t testing well), will be moved to Disney+; the live-action Pinocchio and Pixar’s Raya and the Last Dragon among others.

I retain some fairly serious reservations about the future of theatrical exhibition under the current model.  And truthfully, I have nothing but doubts about Marvel’s Phase IV. I honestly think the superhero cycle is running out of steam. 

And if it wasn’t Woke Marvel will have no audience.


UPDATE: My bad. Its eleven Star Wars projects. I forgot to include Mando season 3. Disney is milking this poor cash cow inside out.

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