Was I Too Hard on Rachel Zegler?

Was I Too Hard on Rachel Zegler?

My instinct is to say, NO but here’s the thing, there have been no amended statements made or corrections issued by Disney. I’m not seeing any kind of damage control measures whatsoever.

Rachel Zegler on the other hand is acting like a battered lightning rod who doesn’t know what to say other than she can’t walk back what she said.

She said those things at Disney events and Gal Gadot was right next to chiming in on cue. With no damage control coming out of Fort Mickey I have to conclude that the producers are happy with what she said.

Zegler being nothing but an empty talking head put out exactly the message she was expected to. The makers of Snow White clearly loath the original movie and its story of True Love’s Kiss raising the dead. The fact that these Woke retards gave in the moment Peter Dinkledge made, what sounded to my experienced ear as, a rambling while stoned statement about dwarves not playing dwarves because of reasons that he couldn’t quite articulate at that time or ever afterward.The Little People actors community was not thrilled with their self-appointed king Durin CCVXVIII making proclamations that cost them some perpetually thin-on-the-ground in Hollywood acting gigs.

But Snow White’s producers have clearly decided that in the wake of Barbie, Woke girl bosses still sell. They just have to be packaged just right.

Don’t get me wrong Rachel Zegler is still insufferable but that just means she’s an actress and it’s clear that her statements were just a matter of her parroting the lines she’d been given.

Disney is determined to learn nothing.

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UPDATE: Critical Drinker agrees with me.

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