Confirmed Chibnall and Whitaker Are Out

Confirmed Chibnall and Whitaker Are Out

I don’t know why I’m smiling, Doctor Who is still owned by the BBC.

Well, it has certainly been a wild toboggan ride on a rockslide down the side of Mount Everest for the Chinballs era Doctor.  But of course, the bottom was going to have to be reached eventually.  

They are both out at the end of this season.  While it has been rumored for a while, now it is confirmed.  After this season’s finale Special, (note, they aren’t saying Holiday Special, the Beeb won’t waste any special ratings night on this turd) they will both leave the show.

Doctor Who fans, take this small W and run happily around with it cheering for a bit.  You are entitled to it after everything these two talentless clods did to your childhood friend.

It won’t last.

As the Only Real Doctor Who just reminded us, this franchise is owned by the ne plus ultra of Wokeness, the British Broadcasting Corporation. The numbers are absolutely undefendable, they are an embarrassment to the Beeb.  However, Chinballs Who content was dead solid perfect so far as the BBC’s ruling satanic council of 9th Circle Demons are concerned.  They loved it!  It was everything they wanted Woke Doctor Who to be. Obnoxiously self-righteous and viscously yet boringly hectoring.  One of the most interesting and layered characters in the history of British science fiction was reduced to a cardboard cut-out that whined about male oppression while constantly impersonating David Tennent.

What was there not to love so far as the BBC was concerned?

They don’t have a good reason to renew it, but they have a good excuse; external funding.  HBOmax bought up the exclusive streaming rights and for some reason known to none but god, overpaid enough to finance the show, albeit on a shoestring budget.

There has been no announcement yet as to a replacement showrunner and star but I honestly don’t see how it matters.  The BBC cannot admit defeat.  Not about the one show that was everything they feel British science fiction should be.

Okay, I’m done here.

UPDATE: To answer EXALT’s question: The 60th anniversary is the secondary reason there will be another couple more seasons of Doctor Who. Keep in mind a “season” is now only 6 episodes long.

Mark Gattis has volunteered as show-runner, he’d be an improvement over Chris Chibnall though not a major one. But he’s a white male so the BBC won’t want him, they want a Diverse, Woman of Colour (Trans for preference). Nobody who is any goodwill want to work with the BBC’s heavy-handed Inclusivity dictates. Even Neil Gaiman has taken himself out of the running and he was a perfect lamb about crapping up his own creation for Netflix.

One thing is for certain, the BBC’s only hope for bringing back any of the old fans is going to depend on how much interest they can generate with the announcement of the right showrunner.

And Jodie Whitaker has already said she won’t come back for the 60th anniversary. Hit the road bitch and don’t look back.

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