Gamer Gate Is Over, We Won

Gamer Gate Is Over, We Won

Gaming journalism is dead. It died last week.

Gideon Litchfield, the Editor and Chief has thrown Wired’s credibility completely down the toilet. He has come forward defending Wired’s ludicrous 1/10 rated review of Hogwarts Legacy.

There is no part of this review that isn’t laughably incompetent on every level. It fails at everything a review should try to do.  The reviewer in question “Jaina Grey” doesn’t do game reviews at all.  Jaina’s beat (sorry for that choice of word) is anal sex toy reviews.  I’m not joking about that one.  Jaina was clearly chosen by Litchfield to trash Hogwarts Legacy for nothing short of political reasons.

My review scores effectively go from 1 to 5.  Does not Recommend is a 2, translate that to a 10-point system and I gave The Last Jedi a score of 4.  Much as I hate The Last Jedi, I would stick with that rating because it wasn’t complete cinematic incompetence. I loathed what it was saying but it was baseline competent in the way it said it. I did this to maintain my own reputation.  

I have also given good reviews to things I knew the Darklings would want me to trash for reasons that had nothing to do with the quality of the work in question.  Again, I did this to preserve my reputation for integrity, even at cost of losing some readers.

And I am a nobody.

Wired has a long-standing reputation for “legitimate” journalism.  Which they have now shitcanned.   

Wired used to be very much a Generation X-friendly, libertarian tech magazine.  During the early 90s, there was always a good reason to pick up each and every issue.  It was a don’t-miss for me. Sadly, the Dark Herald’s iron law of libertarian media kicked in towards the end of that decade.  That law states Libertarian media will always be destroyed by leftist infiltration.  I’ve never seen an exception to it. 

Wired became a lefty rag in the “00”s and went hardcore SJW in the 2010s. It’s been competing with Vice Media for a while, but it always observed the forms of journalism.  Until now. 

If they wanted their purse puppy trans to write an opinion piece, fine, I honestly wouldn’t have expected anything else from them.   But making this screed a numbered review and giving it a number that clearly has no basis in reality, means that Wired’s reviews can no longer be trusted for anything. Not games, not computer components, not consoles, not even the aforementioned anal sex toys.  


Every recommendation or condemnation Wired makes from now on must automatically be assumed to have been based in political bias.  Wired’s journalistic reputation is now completely dead.  It is nothing but a Woke propaganda rag now and everyone knows it.

What really matters about all of this, is that it didn’t matter anyway because no one trusts Wired anymore and hasn’t for a while.

Wired isn’t alone in this.  Warner Games felt comfortably secure about refusing to give review copies to Kotaku and Polygon.  They knew perfectly well they wouldn’t give it a fair review but much more importantly, Warner Games knew they could get away with it.

Because no one trusts gaming journalists anymore.  

No one.

Okay, I’m done here.

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