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This is to purchase an annual subscription to the Castalia History Book Club and receive a deluxe leatherbound book published by Castalia House four times per year. Subscribers receive a $525 discount on the retail price of $1000 for both subscription and non-subscription books.


  • Genuine leather bindings
  • Gilded cover and spine titling
  • Gilded page edges
  • High-resolution interior reproductions
  • Archival-quality paper
  • Timeless classics of history

The second History Book Club book (July-August-September, #2) is THE SHORTER CAMBRIDGE MEDIEVAL HISTORY Volume 1 edited by Charles Previté-Orton from the larger series created by J.B. Bury. It was designed to be the most extensive guide to the medieval era available in a reasonably readable form. Volume 1 is entitled The Later Roman Empire to the Twelfth Century and is comprised of six sections: The Later Roman Empire, The Break-up of the Empire, Byzantium and Islam, The Dark Ages in the West, The Foundation of Western Europe, and The Twelfth Century.


  1. The Landmark Thucydides edited by Robert B. Strassler.
  2. The Cambridge Medieval History Vol. 1 edited by Charles Previté-Orton.

Castalia History subscribers are given the first opportunity to purchase the remaining books at the subscription price, and also receive a discounted price on non-subscription limited editions. Castalia reserves the right to not provide discounts on additional books to subscribers who subscribe for a period of less than 12 months.