Caravan of the Damned (ebook edition)


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Caravan of the Damned


When Conan leads his desert raiders against a rich caravan from Khwarazm intended for the King of Zamora, they find themselves in possession of a beautiful and priceless treasure. But the House of Yildiz does not suffer losses gladly, and the elite guards of the King’s Own, merciless and mounted on camels, are quickly on the trail of the Cimmerian and the outlaws of the Zuagir. And the depths of the desert hold horrors beyond the imagination of any man.

Illustrated by Ademir Leal, CARAVAN OF THE DAMNED is the second volume in the Chuck Dixon’s Conan series, which is based on the public domain character of Robert E. Howard’s Conan.

Ebook edition (EPUB format)

THE LEGEND CHUCK DIXON is the most prolific writer of Western comics in history. He is the author of BATMAN, THE PUNISHER, NIGHTWING, and the LEVON CADE novels, among many, many others. He is the lead writer of Arkhaven Comics and the co-creator of the DC Comics character Bane.