Is The Rippaverse For Real?

Is The Rippaverse For Real?

YouTuber, musician, Libertarian, and now comic book writer, Eric July has been making headlines with the massive success of his self-published line of comics called the Rippaverse.

The comics line is crowd funded and as of this writing is nudging at the $3 million mark.  His original goal was a reasonable $100K, he has now surpassed it by nearly 3,000%!

In theory, good for him.  Well done, Young Rippa!

In practice, who the hell is Young Rippa? 

Look, I am by the loosest possible legal definition, “a public figure,” so I’ve had to start watching what I say.  But he has had too big a success for what he brings to the comic book world’s table.

The public facts are that he is a black, Christian, libertarian in his early thirties.  He was born near Dallas and got involved in gang activity when he was a kid.  He had a history of petty crime until he was shot in the knee in high school.  That scared him enough to get him out of thug life and he was smart enough to get into Texas A&M.

He majored in communications, minored in economics, and started rapping under the name YG Ripple.  He probably reminds you of your black friend in college who was seriously into metal.  He combined the two in a rap metal band called, Fire From the Gods.

He was a hard-left activist in college and on into his early career as a musician.  He was a heavy Obama supporter but began to have doubts as the administration dragged on into its second term and things actually got worse for black people.

A friend of his introduced him to Thomas Sowell’s writings and Eric July began a political shift into Libertarianism. He started expressing these views on YouTube, which naturally got him called Uncle Tom by all the right-thinking intersectional anti-racists. 

Being called names didn’t seem to matter too much to a guy who was dodging bullets as a teenager, and it also got him recognition from the establishment right.  Colin Powell had proven to be something of a disappointment, given that the last time he voted Republican was probably 2000.

July also began to appear on Fox News now and then.  Not necessarily the Mark of the Beast, but not something that automatically confers my trust and acceptance either.  He publicly declared himself to be a Christian and he seems sincere about this.  He is a public supporter of Rand Paul and has expressed opinions I agree with, “Why are you making it illegal to hire somebody whose value is below $7.25? Why are you making it illegal for them to work to gain skills to get a better job?” – Eric July.

July first came to my personal attention as an occasional guest on the Nerdrotic YouTube channel’s weekly Friday Night Tights show.  As the name implies this Friday confab leans heavily into comic books and pushes against Woke pop culture.  The show has a Generation X, Libertarian vibe to it. All well and good.

July’s online presence is very smoothly and professionally presented. His for Canonsake podcast focused on the SJW meltdown of the Comics Big Two.  So, he isn’t new to the field of comic books.  At least as a critic.

None of these are bad things at all.

And none of them account for nearly $3,000,000 in crowdfunding.

Say what you want about Ethan Van Sciver and I’ll probably agree with you but he ain’t getting that kind of money from crowdfunding. And he has a well-established name in comic books.  Nobody with an established name in comic books is getting that kind of money from crowdfunding.

Here is a link to the Rippaverse funding page.

And here’s the blurb: Avery Silman is a common rancher, but that wasn’t always the case. After obtaining some unique abilities, Avery spent a brief stint being a hero under the moniker Isom in the city of Florepark, Texas. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he walked away from this life. But after responding to a call from his sister, some violent altercations ensue and has Avery reconsidering his approach. What happened? Grab Isom #1 to find out!

Okay, it’s certainly better than anything Marvel or DC has come up with for the past seven years.  But is it $3 million worth of good? 

The right-wing has a major problem, and I don’t like being a part of it.  We tend to form a straight line going from hard right to center right, then we all turn left and fire.

The left doesn’t have that problem.  You know what other problem they don’t have? 


I live in a county that is deep red but when the board of commissioners, who locked us down hard during Covid, found out they had organized political resistance for the first time ever, they accepted money from George Soros and were all endorsed by the high priest of the local temple of Ba’al, (better known as the Episcopal Church). 

This county board of commisioners are all Democrats in deep red territory that run with an R by their name.

I am a Gen-Xer, cynicism is my default state, but it is my default state for a reason. 

Repeated betrayal. 

Eric July’s kickstarter is not on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.  It’s on the very professional-looking site you saw if you clicked the link. July appears to have no history of being a bunko artist and that is not something you pick up late in life, so the amount of money that has been pledged to his project probably reflects reality. 

Crowdfunding sites do have a legitimate function.  They have to keep records of where the money comes from.  An independent site does not.

Maybe it’s all for real, I have only my own experiences in life that tell me it isn’t.  But they ARE telling me it isn’t. Three million is nuts for this comic book line.  

So where did the money come from? It’s known that the Daily Wire has been looking to get into the comic books for a while. And they clearly have that kind of money to throw around.  Daily Wire’s involvement is purely speculation on my part.   Regardless, it is one possibility.

Eric, on the off miracle you are reading this please remember something.  Whenever you are about to do something really bad, it always starts with the words, “I know it’s wrong, but…”

Just put a period after the word, “wrong.”



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