DC Is Copying Arkhaven

DC Is Copying Arkhaven

“I had looked for this but not so soon,” as the old tombstone says. 

DC is now partnering with Webtoons.

I find this particularly laughable given how the comic book pros sneered at webtoons when they first entered the English-speaking market.  “If you were any good at all you’d be working for DC or Marvel,” is what ALL of their comments could be boiled down to.

However, the truth is that talent goes where the money is.  And right now, the top of the heap webtoons artists are making about a million dollars a year.  That is, as I said, the guys at the top.  However, you don’t have to be at the top to make a decent living on webtoons.  The better-known webtoons guys are making $50K to $100K annual.

Now that is working long hours but these days what isn’t?  If you aren’t trying to get multiple streams of income going then you are going under.  Consequently, the working day never ends.

But getting back to DC’s alliance with Webtoons.

I predict with confidence it’s going to work out as well as the rest of their desperate attempts to find a newer, younger, and more Woke audience.  Trying to get into Manga hasn’t worked yet.  And DC’s new Young Adult offerings have been hilariously awful.

I started with the second video because you have to hear this guys’ Alfred voice.

DC does pretty much only superheroes, they used to have a little more variety when Vertigo was still going but not anymore. And DC has made an alliance with Webtoons.com

Go ahead and smash the link button and give it a quick look.

Do you see any superheroes there?  Me either.  Arkhaven is in a different situation because of our existing fanbase.  But the existing fanbase on Webtoons.com has a taste for the same things fifteen-year-old Korean girls like and they are NOT into Batman.

The out-of-control DC clown car continues hurtling down the side of the cliff.

Okay, I’m done here. 

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