Shang-Chi Trailer Drop

Shang-Chi Trailer Drop

Here you are. The long awaited trailer.

I still don’t have an answer to the question, who the fuck is Shang Chi?

Look I do know a little something about comics. I’ve bought a couple in my life. I had actually run into obscure characters like Defensor and Bouncing Boy. I have not the slightest idea who Shang-Chi is. I could feign knowledge by googling him but I refuse.

This is one more of Disney’s attempts to get their hands on the Chinese and virtue signal at the same time.

China. Will. Not. Care.

The only reason Chinese audiences go to American movies at all is American movie stars. If there is no American movie star, there will be no Chinese audience.

It might sell in the US (maybe) but it won’t sell in China.

Okay, I’m done here.

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