Gay Captain America…Sure, Why Not?

Gay Captain America…Sure, Why Not?

He is also known as Hobo Captain America or at least he should be. He calls himself the “Captain America of the Rails.”

Marvel is probably going to be very disappointed with this post, since they pretty much invented this guy just to try and piss me off and I just don’t care.

Oh no! How dare they make a homosexual… Nope, can’t do it. Don’t care.

Here’s the setup. Steve Rogers, Bucky, Sam and Walker set out on a road trip across America to find Cap’s stolen shield, in the new series The United States of Captain America.

“The United States of Captain America is written by Christopher Cantwell with art from Dale Eaglesham. In each issue, the pair will be joined by additional creative teams who will help introduce new characters in the Captain America role from across the United States. The series will see Captain America’s shield being stolen and him having to travel the country in order to find the culprit. Along the way, he’ll encounter a group called the “Captains,” people who take up the iconic hero’s role.”

There is a subset of late Millennials that have decided to take up life as bums. We are going backward a lot faster than I thought. They make their living by begging and dumpster diving. Occasionally they hitch rides on trains as stow-aways.

So, yeah, bums. This is their career of choice. They feel it’s a calling.

Aaron Fisher is an openly gay man who uses a garbage can lid for his shield and fights for various marginalized check-box people. He’s got a little Communist star on his neck, that’s a nice touch and he apparently does a lot of drugs? I think? Or something. I keep falling asleep when I read his backstory.

They can’t still be trying to attract Stans and Tumblrinas are they? I mean they have to know by now that market doesn’t exist right? Possibly Marvel is doing it to curry favor with Bob Iger. Understandable, he’s the guy that protects Lefties at Disney even if they are costing the Mouse millions if not billions and nobody is sure if he is actually leaving the company or not.

Bottom line: I’m the far-Right gut they are supposed to be enraging with this character and I keep falling asleep when I try to read about him. I just don’t care what they do to these classic characters anymore. I can’t do it.

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