And Then They Came For Supergirl…

And Then They Came For Supergirl…

To be fair, they’ve been trying to woke-ize supergirl for the last several years, both on the TV show where they turned Lois Lane’s sister into a lesbian in season 2, after making a family-friendly season 1 for a nice bait and switch indoctrination of children for grooming the lifestyle, and they also have been pushing craziness in the comics with Supergirl’s “non-binary friend.”

So it was only a matter of time before they replaced blonde Kara Zor El:

I can see the resemblance to the character!

There is a huge problem here. One, this woman is still too white. If they really want to be diverse she must be black. And second, this is not a body-positive representation of Supergirl. They shouldn’t allow someone who’s hot to play the role (ableit as the Leading Hispanic Voice in Science Fiction I am biased in favor Latinas, not gonna lie), because that would be ugly-shaming. It’s not enough, DC. You can do better!

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